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Forgive, accept and let go

Advice that I didn´t get for a long time. Or maybe I did on some level, but was kind of building a wall against them. And an advice that helped me the most. And still is.

Unhealthy mindset, relationships, values , opinions or anything that has no longer a use. Just let it all go . Forgive yourself, forgive others and let is fade away. It is an amazing feeling, trust me. And if you don´t just try it. Maybe just because you are a little bit curious. :)

At the beginning it might not be as easy, but don´t worry. With a little bit of time and practice,  I bet you will master it pretty soon. BUT! Even if it doesn´t go as you would imagine, please don´t be angry with you.  The only thing that is is a present moment, so you can just try in the next one.  So don´t be so strict ! Try to look at it from a distance, as an observer. Take it easy, maybe even with a little bit of humour ?  All the negative thoughts, emotions, feelings...JUST OBSERVE. And maybe you will find out that is not even you that is being mad.. that you are in a perfect harmony all the time.

I for example , was having a war with this advice for quite a time. I did not get how could I let go of something that was basically the center of my life back then ( but at the same time I knew, that it was no longer serving me, that I was not happy... in my case it was all about not being able to let go of my convictions about healthy diet, workouts, my body or perfection ). I was very angry at myself, because of the fact that I just couldn´t let go. I really wanted to have a rest day, without thinking that I´ll get fat. Or eat that rice or that cake, without being afraid of carbohydrates.  And yes you might think this is stupid or funny... but your thoughts can be very tricky. And once you don´t know how to use them they might even be dangerous. So yes, I don´t think that a lot of people go through exactly this but I do believe that a lot of people know very well what over thinking is. So even though it might not be about food, I think that the concept is not all that different.

In time I´ve read all the books about how to be positive, how to let go, to be happy. And I still couldn´t do it. What eventually stressed me even more. But then ( one day when I was really feeling bad ) something hit me. I understood one really important key thing. I need to accept. So I did. I accepted the situation as it was. I forgave myself a little.  And trust me or not, but after that it came. As soon as I stopped hating myself for something I couldn´t do, it came. That is why I believe that we should accept every situation as it is. Maybe it is happing for a reason. Maybe we should learn something ? :) That is why I have an idea for you. What if you next time instead of forcing things to happen just let go and see what happens ? Trust your life and your soul, that it knows, what is best for you.. accept everything and celebrate the moment for what it is, instead of complaining about what it isn´t.

So FORGIVE (yourself and others- maybe just because you deserve it ) , ACCEPT everything as it is ( maybe you might not be happy with how things might seem but don´t worry everything changes every second, so just trust your path ). And LET GO of everything that is not serving you . And LOVE YOURSELF of course. All the time. 

With love, Becca ♡


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"Beauty always has and always will be within you- you are the universe, you are the stars, you are the moon. Don´t let anyone ever dull your shine."

"Maybe the journey isn´t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it´s about unbecoming everything that isn´t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

"A healthy outside starts from the inside."

"Be patient. Everything comes to you in the right moment."

"Stop looking for the light. Become it instead."

"Wherever you are be all there."